Studies Available

Philosophy of Christian counseling

How to Choose a Counselor (an earlier
     version appeared originally in the
     June, 1983, issue of the Baptist
     Bulletin, reprinted by permission)

Critique of Dobson's Film Series Focus
     on the Family (written in 1982)

Philosophy of Christian education

Promoting a Balanced Growth of the
     Whole Person (used in the cadet
     training program of the American
     Association of Christian Schools)

Christian philosophy of government

A Christian’s Duty to Obey
     Government (exposition of
     1 Peter 2:12-17)
Philosophy of Christian music

Music for the Lord: A Defense of Forty-
     Eight Standards for Christian
     Music, (written in about 1984,      revised in about 1993, updated
     in 2005)

Christian philosophy of literature

An Unreliable Compass: A Critique of
     The Golden Compass (by Wes

Guide to Books for Teenage Boys
     (compiled by Kenton Rickard)

Guide to Books for Teenage Girls
     (compiled by Katie Rickard)

Guide to Read-Aloud Books for