Daniel Explained

A Commentary on the Book of Daniel


Daniel Explained—one of the most extensively researched commentaries on the Book of Daniel ever written—offers a thorough treatment of both the dramatic episodes and the prophetic visions. For each story about Daniel and his friends, it fills in the historical background and develops spiritual applications. For each prophecy, it furnishes a tightly reasoned interpretation accepting the prophecy as supernatural in origin. Over 460 pages in length, this commentary offers vital information to every reader.


For unbelievers

Conclusion: The Book of Daniel is divinely inspired.

For believers

Conclusion: Jesus' return is drawing near.

For those alive during the Tribulation

Conclusion: You dare not miss the Rapture.


You can see a full outline of the commentary.

Also, you can see Web pages presenting the commentary on chapter 1 in five lessons.

Another available sample is the bibliography.

New Edition

The third edition, recently issued, includes a discussion of parallels with Hesiod and Gilgamesh. Also, it shows that partial retreats from the Maccabean thesis do not save it from failure.


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