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"The Moorings" is a metaphor, intended to suggest that Bible truth is an anchorage in trouble, a haven after long searching, and a place of escape from the storms of sin.

About the author and his family

Ed Rickard (full name: Stanley Edgar Rickard, Jr.) received a B.S. with highest honors from Wheaton College in 1963, graduating in three years with a major in chemistry, then a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1967. His field was social psychology with emphasis on statistics and research methodology, and his dissertation and two subsequent publications (one of which is viewable online) dealt with the causal analysis of correlations. In college he was a National Merit Scholar and in graduate school he was a National Science Foundation Fellow.

He began his career teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the field of his doctorate. Later in his career, he taught Bible courses at Pensacola Christian College. His subjects included the Book of Daniel, Christian evidences, and graduate apologetics. For A Beka Book, the publishing arm of the college, he wrote a high school physics text which was widely used for many years. A Beka Book is the leading publisher of Christian school curricula.

Dr. Rickard’s wife and high school sweetheart, Julie, received a B.A. with high honors from Wheaton College in 1964 with majors in French and English, then an M.A. in French from Northwestern University in 1966. She has been teacher of high school French on A Beka Video.

Dr. Rickard’s older son, Gregory, is pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Ottawa, Kansas (http://www.calvaryottawa.org) and his younger son, Wesley, is minister of music at Grace Baptist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina (http://www.gracenc.org). Dr. Rickard has seven wonderful grandchildren.

Looking for a church or Christian school?

If you are looking for a church that faithfully preaches the Word without compromise, that upholds traditional standards of separation, and that cultivates a genuine love among the brethren, consider moving to Ottawa, Kansas (or to nearby Lawrence, Kansas) and fellowshipping with us at Calvary Baptist Church. We also offer an outstanding Christian school. Write to moorings@themoorings.org for more information. Currently, while officially in semiretirement, Dr. Rickard is serving as principal of the school and filling many other roles.

How to send your feedback and questions

You may e-mail your questions or comments to moorings@themoorings.org. A note of appreciation or encouragement would be most welcome. Also, we are interested in hearing from anyone who is seeking the true religion, or who wants to know how to be saved from sin and hell, or who desires spiritual counsel.

If you do not receive a reply, the probable explanation is one of the following:

  • We may not respond to questions if the answers are easily located on the site.
  • If you write to take issue with us, we will read your note and respect your right to disagree, but we may not reply. Life is too short to spend it in debates with people of different persuasions.
  • We will not give help with homework questions.

Do not expect a response for two to three weeks, or perhaps longer, depending on Dr. Rickard's schedule.

Doctrinal statement

We adhere to the doctrines known throughout the last century as the fundamentals of the faith. Anti-Christian bigotry has debased the term "fundamentalism" so that it now refers to religious fanaticism. But as recently as 1953, the only definition of fundamentalism offered by Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary was "a recent movement in American Protestantism reemphasizing as fundamental to Christianity belief in the inerrancy of the Scriptures, Biblical miracles, especially the virgin birth and physical resurrection of Christ, etc." The "etc." encompasses such doctrines as the following:

  • the Trinity
  • the deity of Christ
  • Christ's possession of all the divine attributes
  • the creation of the world in six literal days
  • the fall of man in Adam's sin
  • the redemption of man through the death and resurrection of Christ
  • the provision of salvation through faith alone
  • the literal Second Coming of Christ
  • the final judgment of man

As well as taking a stand for the historic doctrines of true Christianity, we hold the following positions, which we feel are necessary to recapture the purity and power of the apostolic church.

  • We renounce the worldliness of contemporary Christianity, especially its embrace of popular music and entertainment. We view television as a great threat to the moral and intellectual well-being of children.
  • We separate ourselves both from Sadducees (those who foster doubt in the supernatural) and from Pharisees (those who use a profession of orthodox faith to cover greed or other corrupt motives).
  • Following the apostles, we stress Christian evidences. We believe that in a secular society we must engage the mind as well as the heart if we are to reach the lost and safeguard our children.
  • We offer a renewed emphasis on Biblical prophecy. As the day approaches, we do not wish to be among those caught unawares and unwatchful.

Attaching the term "fundamentalist" to extremists in Islam and other religions suggests that they are essentially the same as authentic Bible Christians, but they are not. The Christian world view starts from the premise, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth," and the cornerstone of Christian ethics is, "Love your enemies."

How to make a donation

The Moorings has no institutional support and no revenue from advertising. If you wish to help maintain this ministry providing a wealth of Bible study materials, you may make a donation. All donations will be used to defray expenses of maintaining and improving the site, or of publishing Bible study materials.

If the materials on this site have been a blessing to you, remember what Paul said, "The labourer is worthy of his reward" (1 Tim. 5:18), and what Jesus said, "The workman is worthy of his meat" (Matt. 10:10).


Donations are not tax deductible.

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