When blue May skies break out anew,
    And all the wintry clouds go hide,
Then we will skip
                And splash the dew
All free from silly pride,
        All free from silly pride.

We'll make us crowns of woven vines,
    Set leafy thrones upon a hill,
And ply each worm
            And wispy fly
To do our regal will,
        To do our regal will.

By day we'll rove our vast domains,
    Take homage due from sun and breeze.
We'll vanquish worlds
            Of violets
And quiet woodland trees,
        And quiet woodland trees.

When twilight comes we'll find a bower
    Untouched by cheerless sky above.
We'll lie on warm
            Enfolding earth
And whisper evening love,
        And whisper evening love.

When gusty wind sweeps through the flowers
    And sows their petals in the wild,
I'll say to you,
            "I am the wind,
And may you have a child,
        And may you have a child."

1967 (revised)