O taste and see, and see the Lord is good,
Whose morning breaks the night of pain,
Whose hand sweeps back our blackened years,
That we may Paradise regain,
     May paradise regain.

O see and feel, and feel the Lord is good,
Whose touch replaces deadly cold,
Whose breath dispels chill hellish winds
So we'll know living never old,
     Know living never old.

O feel and hear, and hear the Lord is good,
Whose voice rebukes foul, formless noise,
Whose singing calls the fallen child
And teaches him of timeless joys,
     And teaches timeless joys.

O hear and know, and know the Lord is good,
Whose Word brings certainty and peace,
Whose love restores the warring mind,
Which from confusion finds release,
     Which finds a full release.