Replies to a Postmodernist

Is beauty just society's last whim,
Like fads in melodies?
Nay, beauty points to golden symmetries
Within the mind of God.

Is good the dictates of the powerful,
Like wind that bends the trees?
Nay, good is love in ultimate degree,
Like sun that warms the sod.

Is life absurd, like pattering of rain
On seas already full?
Nay, life's a story wisely told of gain
And growth through ageless time.

Is man a speck all meaningless amid
The vast unknowable?
Nay, he's the creature in God's image made,
With destiny sublime.

Do bars of bleakness cage us round? Is naught
To celebrate but death?
Nay, God enfolds, and Him we celebrate
With all our soul and breath.