Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere

(A silly poem by Grandpa)

The world is full of spiders,

Of watchful spiders hunting fleas,
Of motherly spiders nesting in trees,
Of sleeping spiders about to freeze,
Of woeful spiders deprived of cheese,
Of stoical spiders holding their knees,
Of elderly spiders enjoying the breeze,
Of lugubrious spiders, if you please,
Of clever spiders making keys,
Of dreamy spiders who wish they were bees,
Of sociable spiders huddled in threes,
Of frustrated spiders unable to sneeze,
Of learned spiders with many degrees,
Of sickly spiders prone to wheeze,
Of frugal spiders counting peas,
Of swashbuckling spiders roaming the seas.

Yes, the world is full of spiders.

January, 2002