Come You with Wounded Hearts

A Modern Paraphrase of "Come, Ye Disconsolate"

Come you with wounded hearts; come now to Jesus.
He waits with open arms, knows all you feel.
Bring Him your shattered life; tell Him your anguish.
You have no sorrow that He cannot heal.

If in your smiles you are only pretending,
And deep inside you are full of despair,
Come to the One who gives joy overflowing.
He'll lift your sorrow; your burdens He'll bear.

If you are torn with pain, if you are grieving,
He offers happiness lasting and sure.
Here speaks the Savior’s voice, tenderly saying,
"You have no sorrow that I cannot cure."

Here find in Jesus the bread ever filling.
Here find in Jesus the light from above.
Here find in Jesus the door ever open.
Earth has no sorrow as strong as His love.

2009, 2015