Lessons Added Recently

After a lesson is posted on this site, we continue revising it during the next few days and weeks. So if you spot an error, do not notify us unless a month has gone by since the posting date.
12/6/17 Lessons from the Book of Joshua now cover the whole book. expositions
11/8/17 The third edition of Daniel Explained, Ed Rickard's commentary on the Book of Daniel, has been issued. It includes a discussion of parallels with Hesiod and Gilgamesh. Also, it shows that recent partial retreats from the Maccabean thesis do not save it from failure. bookstore
10/31/17 In Perils Abounding: Commentary on Acts 1-14 is now available both as a paperback and on Kindle. bookstore
9/28/17 "Reason for the Season" has been added to the Christmas readings. Christmas
9/21/17 The essay on the date of Christ's birth is complete. It now includes a discussion of the taxing done when Quirinius was a governor of Syria. Summary of the Evidence
3/10/16 Major work to make the site mobile-friendly and HTML5 compliant has been done.  
11/12/15 The essay on the date of Christ's birth, long one of the most popular on this site, has been joined by several other papers on related subjects. Lunar Eclipse before Herod's Death

Herodian Chronology

Star of Bethlehem
10/2/15 A full series of lessons on basic Christianity is now available on this website. It is also available in book form: Primer of the Christian Life. Christian Life

A commentary on the entire Epistle of James is now available on this website. It is also available in book form: James, Mirror for the Soul.