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After a lesson is posted on this site, we continue revising it during the next few days and weeks. So if you spot an error, do not notify us unless a month has gone by since the posting date.
11/12/15 The essay on the date of Christ's birth, long one of the most popular on this site, is undergoing major revision and expansion. The first four installments are now available. Summary of the Evidence

Lunar Eclipse before Herod's Death

Herodian Chronology

Star of Bethlehem
4/20/15 The entire Lessons from James is now available. expositions
11/10/14 A third of the lessons on basic Christianity have been revised, with questions added as a resource for teachers. Christian
10/20/14 Five new lessons from James, others forthcoming. expositions
9/15/14 Four new lessons from James. expositions
7/29/14 Three new lessons from James. expositions
7/18/14 A discussion of whether the Antichrist has now come onto the scene. saint's-eye view
6/20/14 Rebuttal of the theory that the darkness at the Crucifixion was due to a dust storm. darkness at the Crucifixion
6/18/14 Greatly expanded discussions of the day, calendar date, and year of the Crucifixion. day of the Crucifixion
6/6/14 Completion of the lengthy series on the prophecy of the 69 weeks. first lesson
6/2/14 A thorough revision of all studies based on the Book of Daniel. first lesson on Daniel 1
8/28/12 A Christian's duty to obey rulers is the first in a new series on Christian philosophy of government. government
8/5/12 The Vegetable Soup Gang, a collection of amusing stories about a gang of boys who attend a Christian school in Weedyfields, USA, is now available in PDF format. Vegetable Soup
7/30/12 The immense task of bringing the whole site up to current standards has been completed. Feel free to contact us if you spot any errors. contact us
7/20/12 in the series on basic Christianity, a new lesson on the sin of rebellion lesson
7/18/12 the first lesson in a series that will provide a full commentary on the Book of James lesson
7/18/12 a new lesson on the Book of Joshua, soon to be followed by a full commentary lesson
7/12/12 a sermon on rejoicing in the midst of trials and temptations sermon
7/5/12 ten more poems poems
6/29/12 a new lesson on how Mosaic law viewed slavery lesson
6/7/12 an expanded discussion of multiple universes lesson
4/26/12 a new lesson on conflict resolution Christian
4/5/12 new lessons on persecution Christian
3/15/12 a new lesson on specific sins of the flesh Christian
2/13/12 a revised lesson with an expanded discussion of Satan's role in temptation Christian
1/21/12 a new lesson on eternal security Christian
12/28/11 why God is angry with America saint's-eye
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12/23/11 under lesson on helps for Bible study, an appraisal of Christian publishing today Christian
12/23/11 a new lesson devoted solely to helps for Bible study Christian
12/14/11 new insight on how the number of the Antichrist's name will be fulfilled prophecy
12/19/11 under Bible study, an expanded discussion of evidences that the Bible is true Christian
10/23/11 an expanded discussion of the star of Bethlehem apologetics
9/12/11 a new lesson on saving faith Christian
9/10/11 an updated discussion of the crucifixion psalm, Psalm 22 apologetics
9/5/11 a new lesson on true repentance Christian
8/12/11 a fully revised discussion of Christ's crucifixion, taking new research into account apologetics
7/28/11 a fully modernized home page, the first step in bringing the whole site into compliance with recent standards home page