The following books by Ed Rickard are available:


Rickard, Ed. Daniel Explained: A Commentary on the Book of Daniel.


Daniel Explained, one of the most comprehensive and fully researched commentaries ever written on the Book of Daniel, offers a thorough treatment of both the dramatic episodes and the prophetic visions. For each story about Daniel and his friends, it fills in the historical background and develops spiritual applications. For each prophecy, it furnishes a tightly reasoned interpretation accepting the prophecy as supernatural in origin. Interwoven with other discussions is a complete, up-to-date review of the evidence that Daniel is authentic. The following is a summary of the author's positions on key issues.

1. With the collapse of the Communist Empire, the world has moved from the feet into the toes of the great dream image representing the future course of history.

2. The toes are not ten nations in Europe, but ten regional confederations embracing the whole world.

3. The little horn of chapter 8 is the same as the little horn of chapter 7.

4. The Antichrist will come from the Seleucid division of Alexander's empire (from modern Syro-Iraq).

5. The Transfiguration was the official coming of Messiah the Prince. The Transfiguration was exactly 69 weeks after Nehemiah's prayer recorded in Nehemiah 1.

6. The two weeks in Daniel 9:27 are not the same. The original wording makes it clear that throughout the entire first week, the Antichrist will abide by his covenant with many.

7. Daniel 11:40-45 is a fuller view of the Antichrist's three-pronged expansion predicted in chapters 7 and 8. Moreover, these texts speak of the same wars noticed in Matthew 24:7 and Revelation 6:1-4.


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The commentary is available as a Kindle book.


Rickard, Ed. The Vegetable Soup Gang.

The Vegetable Soup Gang is a collection of humorous stories about a gang of boys who attend Gracefaith Bible Academy in Weedyfields, USA. The gang includes Carrot (with uncommon good sense), Bean (the mechanical genius), Turnip (the poet and philosopher), Pepper (the local live wire), and Watermelon (the biggest kid anyone ever saw, and all muscle). Two dogs, Radish and Peanut, are also members. The stories show the gang having normal kinds of fun, such as pressing to a close win in a big soccer game, but also follows them through several strange adventures as a result of encounters with wild animals or weird people.

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Rickard, Ed. In Perils Abounding: A Commentary on the Book of Acts.

The commentary is a work on several levels. The foundation is a lively retelling of events as recorded by Luke. Upon this, the commentary builds three kinds of discussion. The first, under the heading "Getting Practical," offers down-to-earth applications of the many spiritual principles emerging from Luke's account. The second, introduced as "Pondering a Question," explores the questions that occur to many readers. After the third title, "Delving Deeper," comes a consideration of matters of special interest to believers with mature discernment.

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Rickard, Ed. Peace in a Crumbling World: The Terrorists Strike Again—at Christmas.

The action starts when the government issues a warning based on credible sources that the terrorists will mount a major attack on America at the time of Christmas. The drama proceeds along two tracks—one showing the effects of the warning on one Christian family, the Todds, and their circle of friends, including their neighbors, the Bramwells, and the students at Danny Todd's Christian school—the other track showing what happens both on-camera and behind-the-scenes at a network news show. Much of the play at the beginning is humorous, but the tone changes as suspense builds and becomes extremely sober and challenging after the terrorists succeed in delivering a devastating blow to our nation. The plot is interwoven with several powerful spiritual messages, including a clear presentation of gospel truth.


Rickard, Ed. The Life and Hymns of Charles Wesley: A Program of Readings.

Seven readings span the whole life of Wesley, the first describing the childhood settings that shaped his mind and heart, the last recounting the special sorrows of his later life and explaining his final retrospective poem.

Printed Book

Rickard, Ed. Physics: The Foundational Science. Pensacola, Fla.: A Beka Book, 1990.

This book is designed for use as an upper-level high school physics text. Although the original edition is no longer available, a copy of the revised edition may be obtained from the publisher at Pensacola, FL 32523-9160 or from