You have been



Warning issued 1/21/16

You have been robbed by the mass media, your upbringing, your education.

These have neglected to teach you the full use of your innate abilities. As a result, you may find it hard to read difficult language, to follow a sustained argument, to do creative problem solving, to think analytically rather than emotionally, to think for yourself.

These have tried to brainwash you with the ideas that all truth is relative, that moments of thrill here and there compose an adequate purpose for life, even that death is beautiful.

These have steered you away from the truth well known to experts that the theory of evolution lacks supporting evidence.*

These have also sought to indoctrinate you with certainty that man has a glorious future. In some nations the hope is socialism; in others, capitalism. But socialism has produced gray conformity and maddening boredom and raw oppression wherever it has been tried, and unfettered capitalism (because it is driven by short-term profits) must always lead to social and environmental chaos.**

Worst of all, these have assured you that you need not worry about God or a Last Judgment.

Start your reeducation by exploring historic Christianity. But beware. Opinion leaders and those allied with you in your present views do not like people who stray out of line. You can expect reprisals if you challenge the moral and intellectual authorities of the modern world.

But if you let us, we will show you that the Lord Jesus Christ really did open a way for you to obtain eternal life. There is no other way.


*For a whole lifetime you have been bathed in propaganda that evolution is true. You have been told that the only people who oppose evolutionary theory are crazies and religious obscurantists, that no credible scientist or intellectual seriously doubts evolution, and that evolution is as well established as any other teaching of modern science. So, it is unlikely that in five minutes we could shake your confidence in evolution. Yet, if you have ever pondered the amazing complexity of the living cell, or of the simplest conceivable organism capable of independence and self-reproduction, or if you have ever tried to calculate the huge improbability of the vast series of chemical events necessary to assemble such an organism by chance, perhaps you cannot help but wonder how evolution managed to come this far. Perhaps, like many informed scientists, you believe in the magic of evolution only because life seems to have evolved. But it has not. The correct view of origins is the alternative which you have been trained to dismiss. God created life, as well as everything else in the universe.

What you need to do is some reading. Many books debunking evolution have been written by world-class scientists with no religious ax to grind. You never heard of such books? That's not surprising. Evolution is an academic orthodoxy, and its high priests do not tolerate dissent. They have an iron grip on libraries, journals, and other purveyors of learned discourse. To help you circumvent the barriers in the way of your search for truth, we offer below a list of recent scholarly books opposed to evolutionary theory.

**If socialism and capitalism are both flawed, what is the right model for a mass economy? The answer is, there is no model that can yield satisfactory results so long as man is selfish and stupid. Man has an incurable tendency to ruin himself, his society, and his world.

Critiques of Evolutionary Theory