Impressions of Nature
Wesley's Lullaby (early 1970s)
Snowfall (1975)
Spring Carol (1976)
Three Scenes (1991-2)
The Saw (2000)
Downpour (2001)
The Apple Tree (2001)
Scenes of Kansas: Four Haiku (2007)
Sonnet: Walking Alone on an Evening in Spring (2013; rev., 2017)

Christian Songs and Hymns

Anthem (1976)
Psalm (1977)
Beneath the Moon (1977; rev., 2001)
Hymn (1984)
Fanfare for Easter (1989, 2012, 2015)
The Christmas Story: Revision of a Nineteenth-Century Poem
     by Rev. F. C. Fisher (2001)
The Morning Is Graying (2008)
Come You with Wounded Hearts: A Modern Paraphrase of "Come,
     Ye Disconsolate" (2008, 2015)
Metrical Version of Psalm 23 (2012)

We Sing Noel: Revision of a Nineteenth-Century Poem
     by Rev. H. G. Rosedale (2014)

Metaphysical Poems
Soul's Testimony (1982)
Sonnet to Christ (1984)

Autobiographical Poems
Prophecy (1970)
Fireside (1975)
Olympic Speed Skaters (1976)
November Day (1990)
Traveling (2000)

Love Poems
Eden (1967)
Sonnet to My Wife (1994)
Julie's Birthday (2010)
Anniversary Sonnet (2013)

For My Family

For Katie on Her Birthday (2007)
Sonnet for the Occasion of Kenton's Graduation from High School (2011)
The Girl with Beautiful Wings: For Camryn's Birthday (2011)
Meditations on a Fawn: For Kyra's Birthday (2011)
The Knight's Charge: A Poem for Justin (2015)

Occasional Poems
On Hearing Timothy McVeigh's Last Statement (2001)
On the War in Afghanistan (2001)
Sonnet: On Hearing Leon Fleisher's Performance of Liszt's Piano Sonata
     in B Minor (2004)
Replies to a Postmodernist (2008)

A Little Boy to His Mommy: Rhymes for a Greeting Card (1993)
Tribute to My Wife (1994)
Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere (2002)
Grim Cheer (2004)

Prayer at Age Four

Comments on My Poetry